Agile Portfolio Management gets additional enhancements in the VersionOne Spring 2012 release. Feedback from customers has driven new features that will help you visualize your agile portfolio, report on what matters and get new users up to speed quickly.

Release Highlights

Agile Portfolio Management Improvements

Customizable Epic Cards: Want to show custom field data on your Epicboards? Less data? Different data for each project team? Now you can. Enhanced configuration options let ScrumMasters radiate the specific information that each team wants to see.

Epic Value Flow: Cumulative flow diagrams typically measure the number of items or the cost of those items flowing through a process, not the *value* those items deliver to the business. The Epic Value Flow option allows product managers to see and demonstrate what value has been delivered so far, what is stuck in process, and where they should push to optimize the flow of value to the organization.

Better Visibility for Links & Attachments: Links and attachments provide clarity and important contextual information for Epics. These assets are now easily accessible from downstream epics and stories, providing guidance and context to developers building out the sprint-level deliverables.

Team Experience Improvements

Getting Started Resources: If you’re new to VersionOne the updated ‘Getting Started’ page helps you get up to speed faster. Embedded video content and useful resource links provide the guidance new users need to quickly get started.
Self-service password resets: Late-night calls from users who can’t login are a thing of the past. Self- service password resets takes the burden of these requests off of system administrators.
Policies on Storyboards: Ensure process consistency by creating and attaching policies to each Storyboard. Policies are an embodiment of team norms and are used to provide process guidance to team members as they move cards.

New Integration with LeanKit Kanban

VersionOne’s Kanban boards are highly effective for teams using lightweight Kanban workflow processes – such as those practicing Scrumban or Lean methods within iterations. VersionOne combined with LeanKit Kanban is designed for teams with more sophisticated Kanban needs, including the ability to build visual models of more complex processes and access to detailed Lean metrics and reporting to optimize their workflow. Learn more about integrating Kanban into your agile organization.

New VersionOne Product Edition

For teams of up to 20 members who have become proficient with agile that need a tool to help plan, track and report on their agile projects, VersionOne Catalyst Edition is an easy to adopt all-in-one agile management tool designed to support and reinforce agile practices and processes.