Tools for Development

As we know, software development is one of the branches of systems engineering that focuses mainly on the creation of computer systems. Software development is also known as the software cycle and consists of several stages: modeling, development, testing, debugging, and design. Each of these stages is defined by the main task and has Software development tools suitable for it. However, each of the steps taken in software development has different tools.

  1. Software modeling tools

Software modeling is the first step before developing any type of system. Typically, the modeling is based on the creation of Diagrams that explain the operation of the software. UML diagrams are used for this purpose, which allows developers to define a system, process and functionalities.

Some of the modeling tools of the software are UML Diagrams Online Lucidchart, the UML Tool Altova and MagicDraw UML.

  1. Software Development tools

Once we already have what UML diagrams are in the part of software modeling, it’s time to move on to development. In this case, the tool is programming languages, for example, .NET from Microsoft, C, and PHP. According to the style chosen, you have to look for some kind of IDE with an environment that makes development more friendly.

  1. Tools for testing development

The third stage is evidence. Code testing is essential to verify that the functions have been duly added. For this reason, it is necessary to have tools to execute the code in Test mode; among these tools, the best known are Selenium JMeter and Testlink.

  1. Tools for debugging code

Debugging is a process that runs intuitively thanks to the knowledge of the language we are working with. The idea is that during the execution of the methods, we can find the errors of the code. The debugger is the tool used in those cases. Among the most used are GNU Debugger, Firefox Debugger, and Chrome.

  1. Tools for Software Design.

Currently, the software requires a user-friendly graphical interface. Hence, one of the final stages of software development is the design, for which we can use graphic design tools as traditional as the Platforms IDE.

Photoshop and Corel Draw are examples of the first while Eclipse and Visual study are of ID platforms that allow obtaining functional graphical interfaces.

In addition to these tools that correspond to each stage of software development, we have complete online platforms, which allow us to go step by step in the creation of web applications. These include two types: software for web development and tools for Web page Development. Both can create software or build a website through the platform.

The development of software is one of the branches of engineering that is primarily focused on what is the creation of computer systems, but ok, all of you know that already, I need not tell you what is software development in this instance. It’s too much to explain because if you’re here it’s because you’re looking for software development tools and that’s precisely what we’re going to see next.

Software development, also known as the software cycle, is made up of various stages that depend precisely on what is being carried out, each of those stages has different software development tools. Today we will see each one of them so that no matter what stage of development you are in, you can use different software tools that make life easier for you in a great way.