TechExcel is excited to announce the release of DevSuite 9.1 featuring improved hybrid agile support for requirement and quality integrated agile development and MyDevSuite for iPad and Android tablet users.

New features and enhancements of DevSuite 9.1 including:
* Improved Support of Agile Methods – Whether you’re implementing a pure Agile project or hybrid agile with integrated requirement and quality management the new DevSuite story boards, task boards, reporting, and planning and review tools will make it even easier to manage your project.
* New DevTrack and DevSpec Reporting – DevSuite reports have never looked better! See the new integrated report view that allows you to view reports within the sub-project tree allowing you to easily view reports based on a particular sprint, milestone or sub-project.
* MyDevSuite 2.0 for iPad and Android Tablets – The latest version of MyDevSuite allows users to view DevSpec and DevTrack reports, filter users and status when viewing issue lists and much more!
* DevTest Integration with Third Party Bug Tracking Tools – Now associate test results, from the leading test management solution, DevTest, with third party bug tracking tools such as JIRA®, Bugzilla® and Mantis®.
* Introducing the DevSuite Portfolio View – Using this new module you can quickly make business decisions by reviewing project health through risk, financials and customer satisfaction indicators for each project.
* Enhanced MS-Word Integration – Seamless 2-way sync with automatic creation of child specification, and view child spec requirements within a Word document via the converted Flash of PDF using a web browser.

About TechExcel

TechExcel is a privately held software company dedicated to developing intelligent software solutions to optimize today’s business processes. A leading provider of integrated IT service management, customer support and application lifecycle management solutions, TechExcel seamlessly integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business.