Tasktop Technologies and ThoughtWorks Studios announced the Tasktop Sync Mingle Connector for Agile projects and ALM. Tasktop Sync now allows Mingle customers to integrate HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Team Concert, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Atlassian JIRA and many other software delivery tools using a single platform. The result is improved collaboration among diverse teams and disciplines, and complete visibility, traceability and reporting across a broad range of ALM systems.

“For many organizations ALM tool integration across the whole application lifecycle is needed to offer the best project status visibility and traceability,” said Chad Wathington, managing director for ThoughtWorks Studios. “With the new Tasktop Sync Mingle Connector we now offer integrations to many ALM tools, including the ability to access and manage QA and test, traditional requirements, and defects originating from third-party tools all within Mingle.”


Mingle is ThoughtWorks Studios Agile project management platform that helps teams work better together.  Along with the Go™ Continuous Delivery and Twist® Automated Testing tools, it is meant to guide teams on the path towards Continuous Delivery of software.  Mingle offers complete visibility into software initiatives and promotes collaboration among business and delivery teams. Organizations use Mingle to remove process hurdles, mitigate risks and easily change course as required to deliver customer value. It adapts to team workflows and allows teams to work in different ways to continuously adapt to changing organizational needs. For ALM, Mingle facilitates organization-wide collaboration, bringing together development teams, project management and business stakeholders in one shared workspace.


Tasktop Sync provides automated server side data integration for visibility and reporting across multiple ALM systems in heterogeneous IT environments. Unlike previous approaches to ALM synchronization, Tasktop Sync is built on the industry-standard Mylyn ALM interoperability framework to provide real-time synchronization, automatic and configurable conflict resolution, and support for connecting many ALM tools from a common platform. Building on Tasktop’s Task Federation™ technology, Tasktop Sync ensures that each stakeholder has access to the data that they need within their tool of choice, even if the data resides in external requirements management, Agile development and quality management systems.
“Mingle is well known for its adaptability to the diverse ways that development teams work,” said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop and creator of the open source Eclipse Mylyn project. “With the new Tasktop Sync support for Mingle, our joint customers can extend all of Mingle’s benefits for Agile project management to their entire software delivery process, ranging from traditional requirements management to testing.”



The Tasktop Sync Mingle Connector is included as part of Tasktop Sync and is available today from ThoughtWorks Studios or directly from Tasktop.


About ThoughtWorks Studios


ThoughtWorks Studios makes pioneering tools for software teams who aspire to be great. Its products, Mingle®, Go™ and Twist® help organizations better collaborate and deliver quality software. ThoughtWorks Studios is a division of global IT services firm, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

About Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop Technologies is the industry leader for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and developer productivity. The company’s mission is to connect the world of software delivery through its Task Federation™ technology that maximizes the flow of information between tools, people, teams and processes. Tasktop created and leads the Eclipse Mylyn project, with more than 2 million downloads per month, upon which its commercial Tasktop Sync ALM middleware and Tasktop Dev IDE tools are based. The company’s innovative technology solves one of the biggest challenges facing the software industry today – the complete disconnect and brittle integrations of ALM tools. Tasktop’s partner ecosystem consists of open source, point tools and leading ALM suites, to integrate more than 70 disparate ALM tools with real-time connectivity and cross-repository workflow support