Enalean, provider of Tuleap, the first Open Source Enterprise suite for Application Lifecycle Management, continues its enterprise quality 100% Open Source strategy by releasing Tuleap 7.This new release provides : Interface overhaul, Agile connector into Eclipse, Git industry-proven performances, REST API, some great new features…all in Open Source as usual.

New interface

When you’ll try or install Tuleap (demo at demo-tuleap.enalean.com or free installation at tuleap.net), you’ll notice at first glance that the software gets a new look with an interface overhall : more friendly, easier to use…and that’s just the beginning. For Tuleap 7.0, interface updates have been applied to the artifacts view (tasks, bugs…), charts and agile tools.

New Agile Tools

Tuleap 7 is much easier & more pleasant to use for agile teams: new agile dashboard, Release and Sprint Planning with drag’n drop plus some really useful day after day extras: the cardwall in full screen for stand up or the popup view to edit an item for example.

Agile Planner into Eclipse

To go even further in agile management, Tuleap 7 provides a great innovation for developers working with Eclipse and doing agile: Tuleap 7 provides the first Agile connector for Eclipse 100% open source. Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse is a small revolution in this market. Up to now, connectors for agile management integrated into Eclipse were proprietary. This places Tuleap as the first ALM in the market to provide an Agile connector for Eclipse in open source, freely downloadable for all.

Thanks to the Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse, developers have the ability to access Tuleap agile tools (releases, sprints, card-wall, burn-down chart) directly from within their IDE, avoiding switching from tool to tool. This Mylyn connector for agile projects, provides a uniform user interface inside the Eclipse IDE. Users can take advantage of well-known features such as the “task-focused interface”, in which the IDE only shows the developer what matters for the on-going task, while bringing Tuleap agile management features. Developers can easily link a story to a new task and its related source code or update the card-wall by drag’n drop. It allows everyone to have a global picture of the project status and can keep tickets up-to-date.

To get the Tuleap Mylyn and Agile planner connector, you can install it in the brand new Eclipse Luna via the Mylyn Discovery UI: Click on “Install more Connectors” in Eclipse when creating a new Task Repository. Otherwise, you can use the usual update site URL This great feature was born and raised by Ericsson foresight combined with Enalean’s and Obeo’s two French companies. Enalean develops and provides Tuleap while Obeo is a strategic member in the Eclispe Fondation.
Ericsson, Obeo and Enalean have been collaborating for several years (success story at EclipseCon). Next to other international corporations, the Swedish company crowd-funds Tuleap developments by subscribing to the Open Roadmap. This innovative service provided by Enalean enables companies members of the Open Roadmap Club to drive Tuleap developments according to their actual final users’ needs.

Git industry-proven performances

Tuleap offers a fine-grained integration with Git, the leading tool for decentralized version control. With this new release, Tuleap strengthens its position with Git. It handles working with a large number of repositories. The various enhancements of performances have been industry-proven at large scale with 7000 Git repositories on one single Tuleap instance.

Tuleap 7 comes also with an integration with Gerrit, the revolutionary open source code review tool based on Git. It enables developers to create workflows for code validation and integration, and much more. The Gerrit integration leverages all the assets of their new REST API. This unties Tuleap from the depency on the Gerrit version used. Tuleap is the only Application lifecycle Management solution to interface natively with any existing Git server, without modification.

Tuleap makes project creation on Gerrit easy. In one click, a Git repository is transferred, user permission management as well as user groups are automatically copied and kept synchronised. Development teams just need switch their Git remote and are ready to work quickly.


In addition to the SOAP API, Tuleap 7 provides a REST architecture. “The software architecture of REST (Representational State Transfer), has become more and more important in the last years. It is used by many tools as well as social networks. With the new REST API in Tuleap, it is even easier to interact with third applications” explains Manuel Vacelet, CTO of Enalean.

To experience all of this, to try it out yourself demo-tuleap.enalean.com or install Tuleap 7 or free at tuleap.net). And if you don’t want to take installation in charge, Enalean is launching Tuleap Cloud.

Tuleap Cloud

In conjunction with the Tuleap 7 release, Enalean is lauching Tuleap « Platform-as-a-service » capability with Tuleap Cloud. Enalean is providing development teams an open, flexible cloud environment based on OpenStack and takes charge of all the maintenance with incident patches and seamless upgrades. nalean keeps on its disruptive price politics offering an unlimited usage from 100€/month (unlimited number of users, unlimited number of projects).

« With Tuleap Cloud, we give an answer to development teams, be they small and big, asking us for a ready-to-use environment in few clicks. Of course, Enalean guarantees reversibility and data recovery if should anyone nolonger need Tuleap Cloud.”» add Laurent CHARLES, CEO of Enalean.