Electric Cloud®, a leading DevOps automation company, today announced that it has teamed with Perforce, the premier provider of enterprise version management products, to enable the delivery of working software faster than ever before. The integration between Electric Cloud and Perforce has integrated and optimized the two solutions to streamline a widely used agile development methodology known as Continuous Integration (CI), which is implemented by application development organizations to iteratively build and test their code, thus improving application quality while simultaneously speeding its delivery.

Specifically, Electric Cloud has enhanced its Preflight capability, a solution that works in tandem with Perforce to enable developers to build and test their code in a private production-like replica of the CI environment, prior to merging the code with the broader development team code. Without Preflight, developers would often submit their changes without basic testing. Since the code was not pre-tested in a CI environment, it would often break the team builds, causing those developers to spend significant time pinpointing the errant code. Homegrown Preflight solutions, on the other hand, have seen limited success due to the complexity of implementing Preflight at enterprise scale. Now, with the enhanced integration from Electric Cloud and Perforce, developers can easily configure and consistently use Preflight. This improves code quality without slowing down application development.

“To analogize to driving, CI does a great job of immediately informing you that you have been in an accident and calling the authorities,” said Mike McCiag, CEO of Electric Cloud. “PreFlight takes this functionality to the next level, ensuring that accident never happens in the first place.”

The Electric Cloud integration with Perforce “intelligently syncs” with the Perforce Software Version Management system, automatically creating the software environment that runs the developer preflight builds and tests. The joint integration reduces the CI environment creation time by as much as 90 percent, regardless of the size of the code base, making it time efficient and seamless for developers to adopt and consistently use Preflight in their CI process.

“Integrating Preflight into the continuous integration process helps eliminate unnecessary errors early on, saving time and effort for developers,” said Randy DeFauw, technical marketing manager for Perforce Software. “We are pleased Electric Cloud has integrated these capabilities into developer workflow and help ensure delivery of a better software product in a more efficient manner.”

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