Axosoft, the company behind the leading project management software for software developers, announced that its newest version of OnTime will now be the lowest priced, feature-rich scrum project management tool in the market. OnTime 12, the 10th anniversary edition of the popular software, will now be offered as three separate products with blazingly fast speed, increased ease-of-use and at a fraction of its previous price tag – up to 90 percent less.

“We realize that a drastic price drop for a seasoned company is a bold move, but it’s a risk we are willing to take. We are confident that this new pricing model will hit the ‘sweet spot’ in the market, bringing us a significant number of new customers who couldn’t previously afford OnTime,” said Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft. “We’re making it easier for small dev teams to afford a cohesive and easy to use enterprise-level Scrum product.”

The new version is now offered as the “OnTime Dev Suite,” consisting of three tightly-integrated products, OnTime Scrum, OnTime Help Desk and OnTime Team Wiki that help software teams focus their time and effort on coding, not managing the process. Each product will now be available for $7 per user, per month. Small teams with up to 10 users will pay just $10 per month, per product.
* OnTime Scrum, a project-management and bug tracking tool, is a feature-packed Scrum tool that is built on HTML5 technology. This tool allows customers to manage a dev team’s backlog, sprints and code defects. It also includes a planning board and automatic burndown charts.
* OnTime Help Desk, a customer support tool for software apps, helps to bridge the gap between a dev team and its customers. The Help Desk provides ticketing, incident tracking and a web-based self-service portal for customers.
* OnTime Team Wiki, a project wiki for collaborative dev teams, provides central collaboration and secure storage for all project-related documents.

Dev teams can use any one, two or all three of the products together – a big change from the all-in-one package in which the OnTime software was previously sold.

“We have always been priced competitively compared against most solutions in our space, but after we released the feature-packed version 11 of OnTime, we realized that we led the industry in ease of use and performance.  To truly have the biggest competitive advantage, we are now aiming for the lowest pricing, too,” said Shojaee. “Offering a feature-rich product that is also inexpensive can be an extremely powerful force in the market – especially when it doesn’t exist in any other product.”

Traditionally, OnTime has been priced at $19 per user, per month (for the Pro version) and $37 per user, per month (for the Enterprise version). With the shift to the OnTime Suite and the new pricing model, the same teams will now pay up to 90 percent less than they were previously for the most advanced, enterprise-class scrum product on the market.
OnTime v12 will be available starting April 2, 2012. For more information, please visit

About Axosoft

Founded in 2002, Axosoft is a leading provider of project management, agile / scrum, and bug tracking software. Based in Scottsdale Arizona, privately held Axosoft is a leading provider of project management solutions for dev teams. The company’s flagship product, OnTime, stands out with industry-leading innovations, an intuitive user interface, and state-of-the-art technology. OnTime is in use by over 8,500 development teams in ISV, Consulting and IT organizations in more than 55 countries around the world.