The Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of Agile software development principles and practices, today announced the keynotes for the Agile2013 Conference scheduled for Aug. 5-9, 2013. This year’s conference will feature software and technology industry thought leaders Abhi Nemani, Tim Lister and Gene Kim. The Agile2013 Conference is the leading international conference on Agile methods in software development, bringing together the world’s foremost experts in the fields of software development, IT and business. The event’s aim is to foster the exchange of fresh ideas resulting in improvement in organizational culture, innovation in software development and leadership principles.

“We are pleased to welcome software practitioners from the most forward-thinking organizations in the world to this year’s conference and to have outstanding keynote speakers sharing their insights on how to leverage the power of agility,” said Kent McDonald, Agile2013 Conference Chair. “The Agile2013 Conference is committed to reflecting the changing landscape of technology and providing attendees the opportunity to interact with these dynamic speakers who will cover such topics as applying software for the good of society, how team dynamics have changed over the past four decades and DevOps.”

Confirmed keynotes for Agile2013 include:

Abhi Nemani – is chief-of-staff for Coding for America (CfA), a national non-profit dedicated to reinventing government for the 21st century. Abhi has led CfA’s strategic development and growth, including the development of multiple new programs, and the launch of a first-of-its-kind civic startup accelerator and the CfA Peer Network that connects cities to help them work together. Under Abhi’s direction, CfA’s national outreach and awareness campaigns have been recognized in the New York Times, Mashable and CNN, and he has been featured as a speaker at SxSW, the World Bank and various universities and conferences around the world. As one of the keynotes at Agile2013, Nemani will share examples of software development applied for the good of society. Lastly, Nemani will highlight the work of some of the teams that have worked at CfA and the problems they were able to solve.

Tim Lister – Lister is a principal of the Atlantic Systems Guild, Inc. He divides his time between consulting, teaching and writing. His current works focuses on tailoring software development processes using software risk management techniques. He is co-author with Tom DeMarco of the book, “Waltzing With Bears: Managing Software Project Risk.” In addition, he also is a co-author of, “Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams,” 3rd edition, expected in summer 2013, and “Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior.” He also serves as a panelist for the American Arbitration Association, arbitrating disputes involving software and software services, and has served as an expert witness in litigation proceedings involving software problems. At Agile2013, Lister will describe how team dynamics have changed over the past 40 years, and how they bring new challenges to tight collaboration.

Gene Kim – Kim is an award-winning CTO, researcher and author. He has written three books, including: “The Visible Ops Handbook” and “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.” He has worked with top Internet companies on improving deployment flow and increasing the rigor around IT operational processes. During his keynote, Kim will present his findings from an ongoing study of how high-performing IT organizations simultaneously deliver stellar service levels and deliver a fast flow of new features into the production environment.