Polarion 2012 Announced

Date 2012/3/28 6:20:38 | Topic: Press Release

Polarion Software announced the general availability of Polarion 2012, the latest edition of the company’s revolutionary requirements management, quality assurance and application lifecycle management solution.

“Our browser-based solutions and fresh approach to the application lifecycle management marketplace continues to fuel strong growth and customer acquisition in the requirements management, quality assurance, and application lifecycle management market categories,” says Polarion CEO, Frank Schroeder. “We are on a bold mission to disrupt the industry, and to deliver a radical new approach to ALM. And our success to date is being closely monitored by industry analysts such as Gartner, while putting fear in the minds of expensive proprietary ALM dinosaurs such as HP and IBM.”


Array of Features, Improvements and Enhancements Puts Polarion 2012 in the ALM Lead


Polarion 2012 represents a major release for Polarion, with significant new features, improvements and enhancements including, among other capabilities:
* Quality Assurance and Test Management module offering support for test specification, planning, execution and reporting and out of the box integration with any 3rd party test automation tool.
* Polarion Live-Branch™ enables users to more effectively manage variants. Common specification artifacts can now be maintained in one master document, and referenced in ‘branched’ documents, which in turn contain variant-specific specification artifacts. Users can easily control when and how master changes are propagated to referencing documents, and the granularity of propagated changes.
* Polarion Time-Machine™ navigable baselines allowing users to literally travel back in time to browse and search the historical state of any project captured in a baseline – a critical feature for standards-driven industries such as medical devices and automotive engineering where adherence to regulatory standards such as, IEC 62304 or ISO 26262 are key.
* Integration with External Repositories to manage project tasks, content and automate project workflow while using Subversion and/or Git source code repository.
* Import and Round-trip for Excel® for easy import of excel based work items and easy export of test cases to Excel.
* Collaboration inspired by social media features to support team communication such as activity streams, “My Polarion” personal dashboard, watch, vote, and comment.
* Embedded SQL Database Layer providing a read-only index of information located in primary storage to facilitate traceability and other forms of reporting.
* Fresh & Easy to Use Browser Interface, with more area devoted to data presentation, and offering improved browser performance, multiple navigation views and user-adjustable navigation.


“This is an incredibly important release for Polarion, for our customers and for the ALM industry,” says Jiri Walek, Product Manager for Polarion. “Our products’ new and easy-to-use user interface is designed for collaboration and efficiency, and the new social media style activity streams and Polarion portal with personal dashboards makes it easy for project stakeholders stay abreast of what's happening on the project. We have also expanded on Polarion’s flexibility in this release with seamless integration into external source code repositories such as the market-leading Subversion or the increasingly popular Git. This allows developers to manage source code in their preferred version control system, while connecting code with lifecycle artifacts and workflows managed through Polarion Software suite.

About Polarion Software

Polarion Software’s success is best described by the hundreds of Global 1000 companies and over one million users who rely daily on its Requirements Management, Quality Assurance and Application Lifecycle Management solutions in their business processes. Polarion Software is a thriving international company with offices across Europe and North America, and a wide ecosystem of partners world-wide. For more information, visit www.polarion.com.

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