Tasktop Creates OEM Version of Tasktop Dev for HP

Date 2012/3/22 11:27:19 | Topic: Press Release

Tasktop Technologies announced that a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Tasktop Dev is now embedded in HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence. With today’s announcement, developers can now accelerate delivery of new innovative applications to the business by automatically provisioning their development environments. The collaboration capabilities provide application delivery teams with visibility, predictability and intelligence that ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction.
The enhanced offering enables end-to-end traceability across the application lifecycle. Developers can gain better visibility into data by breaking down information barriers with contextual reporting spanning the entire application lifecycle. The integration improves productivity with contextual information so that enables developers to view ALM artifacts in their IDE while coding tasks, requirements, defects and test results. This results in a clear understanding of the functionality needed by the code.

With this integration, developers can now reduce cycle times and increase collaboration with the ability to automatically connect to their IDE of choice with new out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse as well as a wide variety of development tools including Subversion, Concurrent Versions System (CVS), Hudson, and Jenkins. This also provides developers with access to ALM artifacts right from their IDE.

In addition, the new Tasktop Workspace Provisioning (tasktop.com/hp) technology enables developers to automatically provision development environments comprised of IDEs, SCM and build management systems to reduce time-consuming and administrative tasks that erode developer productivity.

“With the growing complexity and heterogeneous make up of today’s ALM stacks, it is imperative that developers have a single and integrated ‘pane of glass’ that keeps them connected to other stakeholders while staying focused on the flow of coding activity,” said Mik Kersten, CEO, Tasktop Technologies. "Working together with HP, we have created a seamless developer experience that brings all information connected by HP ALM into integrated development environments (IDE), from provisioning of source code for a new release to receiving a build notification from the continuous integration (CI) server of choice."

“Application development teams need to work with their choice of tools and systems without being constrained by time-consuming, administrative development tasks,” said Matthew Morgan, senior director, Product and Solution Marketing, Software, HP.  “This solution enables developers to automatically provision development environments, while enhancing context-driven collaboration across application delivery teams. This allows them to focus on what really matters – accelerating delivery of new, innovative applications.”

Both Tasktop Dev, a developer desktop ALM integration, and Tasktop Sync, (http://tasktop.com/support/new/index-sync20) an ALM middleware integration, are built on the industry-standard, open source Eclipse Mylyn ALM interoperability framework. The Tasktop Dev Enterprise Edition (http://tasktop.com/support/new/index-dev22) provides more than 80 additional integrations beyond what is available in the OEM version of Tasktop Dev for HP. With Tasktop Sync, users have real-time synchronization, automatic and configurable conflict resolution, and support for more than two dozen leading Agile and ALM change management tools. Building on and extending the developer-centric Tasktop Dev experience, Tasktop Sync’s integration with HP ALM furthers collaboration in the application lifecycle by unifying heterogeneous ALM stacks. This enables developers, testers, business analysts and managers to work within their best-of-breed tools of choice, while automatically maintaining traceability across ALM artifacts.

About Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop Technologies is transforming the productivity of software delivery by unifying Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and empowering developers with task-focused tools. Tasktop invented the task-focused interface and created the popular Eclipse Mylyn project, which transformed the developer’s IDE experience to center around ALM tool-based collaboration. Building on top of Mylyn, Tasktop has been unifying the ALM landscape with its broad ecosystem of ALM partnerships that connect disparate tools from leading Agile, enterprise ALM and open source offerings. Tasktop’s Task Federation™ technology builds on this ecosystem to unify heterogeneous ALM stacks by allowing developers, testers and managers to work within their best-of-breed tools of choice, while automatically maintaining traceability and visibility across ALM artifacts. Its Tasktop Sync provides the only real-time bidirectional and fully automated synchronization between ALM servers. Tasktop Dev is the developer-centric ALM interface for the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs, making it dramatically easier for developers to work and collaborate, while keeping ALM tools up-to-date with development activity. For more information please visit: http://tasktop.com.

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