tinyPM 2.6.2 Released

Date 2012/3/21 3:11:00 | Topic: Press Release

While working hard to release tinyPM 3.0 we’ve decided to make one more release for v2.x which would include the most urgent changes. So here comes days off on iteration burn-down charts as well as a few more improvements and fixes to exports and API.
Those of you who use the releases functionality will find current release charts on all dashboards and on backlog so that you can quickly notice how the release is doing.

About tinyPM

tinyPM is advanced, lightweight and smart tool for agile collaboration including product management, backlog, taskboard, user stories, wiki, integrations and REST API. tinyPM goes beyond software development and encourages all team members (including clients, management and stakeholders) to actively participate in all your projects. Visit http://www.tinypm.com/

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