Hansoft Launches Start-up License

Date 2012/3/5 10:50:00 | Topic: Press Release

Hansoft today announced that a Start-up License for up to nine users is now available at no cost, making it possible for small teams to get access to best of breed project management software.
“We often see examples of upcoming, rapidly growing software developers hitting a stage where they get slowed down by their own success. When you are new and small you might not care much about project management, but when you all of a sudden are 30 or more in the team it’s important to have your processes in place to be able to keep up. The Start-up licence will allow small teams to use Hansoft at an early stage to get a better start and a more stable ground for expansion,” said Patric Palm, Hansoft CEO.

Hansoft Start-up License, available for teams up to nine users, includes the complete Hansoft solution, as well as full access to the on-line forum where support and best practices questions can be addressed.

About Hansoft

Hansoft was founded on the idea that making a project plan upfront wasn’t the hard thing to do, but rather managing constant change. The tool was designed with values like team empowerment, transparency and collaboration in mind, rather than traditional command and control. Today Hansoft is a full solution used by teams around the world for agile and lean software development but also to bring more agility and collaboration to teams using Gantt scheduling. Visit http://www.hansoft.se/

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