.NET Users Can Now Use Artifactory With Full NuGet Support

Date 2012/2/20 23:56:02 | Topic: Press Release

JFrog has released version 2.5 of Artifactory, the enterprise-grade Binary Repository that centralizes all aspects of managing software libraries. A major new feature in this release is support for the .NET NuGet packaging system.
Managing .NET packages with ease

NuGet packages are now first class citizens in Artifactory, allowing you to point Visual Studio at Artifactory as a central point for all NuGet feeds. NuGet packages and can be proxied from the NuGet Gallery or any other remote feed and also be deployed and hosted using the Web UI, MSBuild or directly from your build server.

NuGet users can now take advantage of Artifactory's proven enterprise features, like: powerful security with Active Directory integration, control over which packages can be used by developers, exposing different package views for different projects, sophisticated searches, powerful repository management, and build integration.

"We are excited to work with the .NET community and believe that Artifactory is the missing piece for full .NET library management that can make the development process easier and complete the existing ecosystem," said Baruch Sadogursky, Developers Advocate with JFrog.

NuGet intro

NuGet is a free, open source package management system for the .NET platform that simplifies the process of managing third party libraries in a .NET application during development. NuGet automates the common tasks of incorporating third party packages as well as their dependencies into a project's source tree.

Artifactory intro

JFrog Artifactory is an enterprise-grade Binary Repository Manager that centralizes all aspects of managing software binaries. It is deployed per server serving teams of developers. Artifactory is uniquely positioned as a leading tool in the software market and the only tool that support all technologies and tools. Artifactory is available in 3 versions: Open-Source, Artifactory Pro and Artifactory Online - Cloud (SaaS)

About JFrog

JFrog is the maker of Artifactory -- the world's first Binary Repository Management Solution and 2011 Oracle DUKE's choice awards winner. As the first company to provide the software market with a repository management Solution, JFrog has established itself as a technology leader in the industry and aspires to continue setting the standard moving forward. Visit http://www.jfrog.com/

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