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Date 2011/12/14 6:48:13 | Topic: News

Michigan State University would like you to invite you to participate in one of the largest and broadest research studies performed to date on the impacts of agile methodology on project success. While previous studies have focused on particular agile methodologies, or narrow definitions of success, this study seeks to be the first to provide empirical evidence as to the broad impacts of agile development on project success. This study will assist us to understand under which conditions different agile practices, enabling technologies, and management controls is most impactful, and how the various parts of "being agile" interact to be more than the sum of their parts.
We are seeking the participation of approximately 150 project teams that have used agile methods to any extent, from the use of just a few practice, to full adoption and agile transformation, on projects deemed to be successful, not successful, or anywhere in between. To participate, we seek responses from several team members of various roles including:

- Technical project team members (e.g., developers, team leads, architects), 3-5 team members if possible
- IT Management (e.g., a person responsible for judging the team's performance) - 1 person
- Business Stakeholders – (e.g., the product owner) - 1 person

Participation in the survey takes approximately 15 minutes for a technical team member, and 5 minutes for a manager of stakeholder.

Your participation is extremely valuable both to this research, and to the practice of agile development in general. If you and your team are willing to participate, please email agileresearch@bus.msu.edu

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