The Jazz Process by Adrian Cho

Date 2010/12/9 6:06:48 | Topic: Book

I must admit that I was initially a little bit skeptical on a book about agility coming out from IBM. I was wrong. Although you will find a little bit of “bigblueness” in the content, I really enjoy reading this book that propose a deep and interesting perspective on the team dimension of software development with multiple references to the jazz and sports domains.

There are 14 principles for the Jazz process, “use just enough rules” or “act transparently” for instance, that are explained in the book. Each is studied in different context (management, music, sport) and forms (concepts, use cases). The flow of the book is very good, making it enjoyable to read and a recapitulation at the end of each chapter points out the main ideas conveyed in the text.


I will recommend this book to every people involved in software development, especially at the management level. It is full of interesting thoughts on the topic that you will enjoy even more if you are in addition fan of jazz and sport.


Reference: “The Jazz Process – Collaboration, Innovation and Agility”, Adrian Cho, Addison-Wesley, 278 pages, ISBN 978-0-321-63654-4


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