Targetprocess 3 Launches to Bring Visualization and Flexibility to Project Management

Date 2014/4/17 1:10:00 | Topic: Press Release

Targetprocess announced the availability of Targetprocess 3, which now includes more ways to visualize project data, track work across multiple teams and align business initiatives with development. This latest release reinforces Targetprocess’ dedication to offering a project management solution that improves visualization and flexibility, ultimately allowing organizations to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

As today’s businesses continue to evolve, the tools that cater to them must do so as well. Targetprocess was created with the goal of bringing visibility into management and this concept has catapulted them as one of the most customizable tools on the market. By utilizing agile methodologies, Targetprocess 3 offers users a number of new features including the ability to customize cards and create new boards including timelines and lists. In addition to the beautiful design which easily adapts to large amounts of project data, the new software focuses on visualization planning and tracking, and flexible operations that allow for total user customization. Targetprocess 3 is also available as an iOS application and will soon be coming to Android.

“After two and a half years of development, the introduction of this new version of Targetprocess establishes our commitment to providing users with a project management tool dedicated to visibility and flexibility,” said Michael Dubakov, CEO of Targetprocess. “We’re excited to offer a tool that makes finding and visually readjusting project information easy so users feel comfortable within our software and are able to focus on completing projects that directly impact our client’s bottom line.”

Additional features that are incorporated into Targetprocess 3 are relations diagram, real-time collaboration, improved burndown charts, audit history and publically sharable boards. Each update within the software is focused on helping users make decisions in a strategic but efficient manner.

Targetprocess’ project management software is designed to help agile teams manage and accomplish tasks while being seamlessly incorporated into day-to-day functions. User experience remains a top priority, as a tool that is easier to navigate and decipher will become an integral asset for users. Targetprocess 3 is based on a SaaS model and features self hosted installation. Catering to an array of businesses, it is free for 5 people, $25 per person per month for more than 5 people. 


About Targetprocess

Targetprocess is agile project management software that focuses on information visualization and freedom. The software itself has three key differentiators compared to traditional PM software and they center on flexibility, visibility, and design. The Targetprocess tool can adapt to any process, so users can gather all the data they need and use a system without workarounds. It can be configured for any department, any IT company and any team. Targetprocess brings real visibility to organizations and helps them spot problems faster, forecast future outcomes, and make smarter overall decisions.


Targetprocess was founded in 2006, by Michael Dubakov. Currently, they have 70 employees and work with organizations like Caterpillar, Citrix, Marriott and ThinkFinance. For more information visit or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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