Job: Agile Java Back End Engineer, Tango, Mountain View, CA

Date 2014/1/27 8:11:23 | Topic: Jobs

At the center of the system that keeps the millions of Tango members connected to each other is a cluster of powerful servers, a team of ops ninjas, and the engineers who keep the system working nonstop. If your code can operate at this scale and keep working as we grow even further then Tango is a great place for you to work.

As an Agile Java Back End Engineer, you design and write code quickly and efficiently. When we add new features and triple the number of people using it there’s little extra work required because you already built it with the right flexibility and scale in mind. Your code follows OO design patterns and is easy to test, maintain, and monitor. The next person to work with your code has no problem understanding and extending it.


You want to be an integral part of a small team of experienced engineers who are continuously creating new features and pushing our servers to handle higher loads efficiently. You enjoy the daily standup meeting and would go out of your way to unblock a teammate. You will use this job to push yourself to improve your skills. The scale at which Tango operates excites you, but you view it as only a good start.


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