VersionOne Extends Agile Collaboration to Include All Software Stakeholders

Date 2013/8/7 8:25:29 | Topic: Press Release

VersionOne has announced the addition of PlanningRooms, Conversations+ ("Conversations Plus") and SAFe™ Metrics in its upcoming Summer 2013 Release. These features improve management visibility, planning and communications for program-level planners and teams collaborating with external stakeholders.
"Software organizations are facing constantly changing priorities and accelerated delivery schedules. If they want to be competitive, they must give all parties touching the business initiative the means to connect and collaborate seamlessly," said VersionOne President and CEO Robert Holler. "PlanningRooms and Conversations+ make agile collaboration easier by removing everyday communication barriers and providing an open space where these stakeholders can make good decisions quickly at the program level."

PlanningRoom is a dedicated environment for managers and product owners to plan, track progress and adjust plans over time without the distractions of day-to-day activities.  Ideal for program review meetings, PlanningRooms offer ease of use through self-service; a role-based portal that feeds into all other areas of the application; and planning and tracking capabilities that support complex program hierarchies.

VersionOne Conversations+ enables project teams to connect and engage with external stakeholders such as management, customers, users, subject matter experts and other development teams.  Users can invite external stakeholders to participate for free using a lightweight communications portal.

In addition, VersionOne has added new SAFe™ Metrics reports to help measure the progress of a customer's enterprise agile initiatives using the *Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). Stakeholders can get out-of-the-box insight regarding asset health, release predictability, feature completeness and program performance within VersionOne Analytics.

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