New Release of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Date 2013/8/6 8:34:45 | Topic: Press Release

Dean Leffingwell, Leffingwell, LLC., and Scaled Agile, Inc., today announced the next major release of Scaled Agile Framework ("SAFe" ) V2.5, an on-line knowledge base of proven practices for scaling Lean|Agile development within the larger software enterprise. SAFe is offered as on-line content or via public and private training courses through the Scaled Agile Academy and their training partners.
The Scaled Agile Framework provides extensive guidance and proven practices for implementing software agility at enterprise scale. It has been successfully deployed in enterprises with hundreds, and even thousands, of software developers. Principal contributors to the framework include Alex Yakyma, Drew Jemilo, Colin O'Neill, and Al Shalloway. SAFe is now also supported by the new generation of Agile Project Management tooling from Rally Software, VersionOne and others.

"This is a major release and update to the framework" , Leffingwell noted. "With this release, we've added substantive new content on all levels-Team, Program and Portfolio. These additions are all intended to further accelerate the business benefits that application of the framework has been delivering to users worldwide."

Scaled Agile, Inc. Announces SAFe Courseware Release V6.0

In conjunction with the release of SAFe 2.5, Scaled Agile, Inc., announced new versions of Scaled Agile Academy's industry leading courseware including: Leading the Lean|Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe Scrum XP for Enterprise Teams, and the Agile Release Train Quickstart. Drew Jemilo, CEO of Scaled Agile Inc., noted: "These updates capture the advances in scaled Lean|Agile methodology provided in SAFe 2.5. In addition, the pedagogy of the courses has evolved to provide more interactive and hands on learning experiences." Details on training, certification and courseware can be found at

"The Scaled Agile Framework, along with services and courseware from Scaled Agile Inc., have helped us immeasurably on our path to becoming a truly Lean|Agile enterprise" , noted Mark Fuller, Executive Director, Development Services, CSG International. "We look forward to putting these new advances to work in our company, and further accelerating the business benefits that only scaled Lean|Agile development can deliver."

About Leffingwell, LLC.

Dean Leffingwell, president, a 40+ veteran of the software industry, is a renowned entrepreneur, executive, author, methodologist and consultant. As one of the world's most experienced scaled agile leaders, he continues to develop the unique Scaled Agile Framework which combines Lean|Agile portfolio management, large-scale Agile architecture and an innovative Agile Release Train for successful program delivery. A former VP of Rational Software, he is the author of Agile Software Requirements, Scaling Software Agility and Managing Software Requirements, all from Addison-Wesley.

About Scaled Agile, Inc.

Scaled Agile, Inc. provides consulting and training services, certification and courseware, and process tooling to facilitate successful enterprise Agile transformation through adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework. In addition to industry leading courseware, SAI also develops and markets Custom SAFe, a modifiable, customer-hosted version of SAFe, and SAGe, the Scaled Agile Process. SAGe is a standards-compliant (SPEM v2.0), fully customizable process library which allows for tailoring of workflows, terminology, practices, and guidance, and outputs a static HTML website deployable on the client's intranet.

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