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Press Release : Tasktop Sync Brings Requirements to Developers and Testers and Back Again
on 2012/8/14 9:29:18 (1956 reads)
Press Release

Tasktop Technologies, creator of Eclipse Mylyn and the leader for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration, today announced Tasktop Sync 2.4, the latest version of its integration platform for connecting cross-functional enterprise teams and tools. The new Tasktop Sync enables cross-tool traceability and collaboration by connecting requirements tools, and the business analysts that use them, with existing Agile project management, development and test functions. Together with new analytics and web interface capabilities, Tasktop Sync provides organizations with a holistic view of the entire software development lifecycle, across a diverse set of enterprise, Agile and open-source ALM tools.

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Press Release : CollabNet Launches ScrumWorks Pro 6.0 with New Kanban Support
on 2012/8/13 6:43:05 (1542 reads)
Press Release

CollabNet® today announced ScrumWorks Pro 6.0, a new version of its Agile project management tool. New capabilities are significant, with complete support for managing “Kanban,” a continuous process method rooted in Lean software development, and the ability to manage both Scrum and Kanban teams from a single tool to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve visibility.

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Press Release : New NCover v4 Release Exposes Untested .NET Code
on 2012/8/9 8:15:56 (2727 reads)
Press Release

NCover, the leading maker of code coverage tools for the .NET platform, announced the release of version 4 of it's namesake quality platform. NCover enables software development teams to measure the effectiveness of their testing processes, by highlighting portions of the code that were insufficiently tested. Code coverage is one of the few methods to measure the effectiveness of testing, and is highly regarded as a best practice when delivering high quality software.

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Press Release : Rally Software Accelerates Agile Portfolio Management with Agile Advantage
on 2012/8/7 14:05:17 (1306 reads)
Press Release

Rally®, a leader in the management of Agile software development, has acquired Agile Advantage, a product and services company that helps organizations maximize the financial return of Agile software development projects. The acquisition adds integrated schedule and cost measurement to Rally Portfolio Manager, enabling accurate and objective evaluation of portfolio performance so companies can determine where they should steer their technology investments for higher returns.

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Press Release : LeanKit Kanban Now Supports Enterprise Portfolio Management
on 2012/6/29 2:44:09 (1678 reads)
Press Release

LeanKit, recognized as the leader in electronic Lean/Kanban software, announced the launch of groundbreaking new features that will allow even the largest enterprise portfolio and projects to be managed using multiple levels of drill-down Kanban boards, detailed taskboards, and roll-up Lean metrics - as well as a complete overhaul of their user interface that makes LeanKit more attractive, more intuitive, and easier to manage.

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Press Release : YouTrack 4 Now Includes Agile Project Management
on 2012/6/28 8:50:00 (1458 reads)
Press Release

JetBrains®, the creators of IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, TeamCity and other intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today announced the availability of a new major release of YouTrack, their innovative issue tracking and agile project management system. YouTrack has gained widespread popularity thanks to its keyboard-oriented approach, powerful search queries and command syntax, and fully customizable workflows and issue attributes.

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Press Release : Collabnet Releases New TeamForge ALM Platform
on 2012/6/27 6:22:17 (2661 reads)
Press Release

CollabNet®, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, today announced a major new release of its TeamForge® ALM platform. The new version delivers on CollabNet's enterprise cloud strategy by incorporating new tools and functionality to help IT organizations better manage, collaborate and drive value using hybrid development processes and environments. Significantly, TeamForge now offers the industry's only combined platform for Git and Subversion usage and management. Other new features include integrated code review and search, and enterprise planning and reporting to help orchestrate hybrid development processes and DevOps both on-premise or across any cloud - private, public or internal.

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Press Release : Rapise v1.5 Released - Enables Testing of Java SWT and Silverlight
on 2012/6/22 8:36:32 (2247 reads)
Press Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Rapise, our automated functional and cross-browser testing solution. This new version provides the ability to test applications written using Java SWT and Microsoft Silverlight. It also provides enhanced support for Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Firefox/Chrome web browsers.

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Press Release : JetBrains Releases dotCover 2.0 With Integrated Unit Test Runner
on 2012/6/19 5:40:39 (1454 reads)
Press Release

Prague, Czech Republic, June, 18, 2012 — JetBrains®, creators of popular productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today released a major update version of dotCover, their .NET code coverage tool. dotCover 2.0 is a powerful tool that helps .NET developers easily see how thoroughly their applications are covered with unit tests. Initially released as a code coverage add-in to JetBrains ReSharper, dotCover now includes its own unit test runner supporting multiple unit testing frameworks.

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Press Release : VersionOne Releases Spring 2012 Edition
on 2012/5/30 11:12:55 (1716 reads)
Press Release

Agile Portfolio Management gets additional enhancements in the VersionOne Spring 2012 release. Feedback from customers has driven new features that will help you visualize your agile portfolio, report on what matters and get new users up to speed quickly.

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