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Press Release : Polarion Software Announces Technology Partnership with QMetry
on 2013/8/23 7:25:13 (747 reads)
Press Release

Polarion Software has announced a new strategic partnership with QMetry. The Polarion Software and QMetry alliance provides customers the ability to import User Stories into QMetry and to associate these with Test Cases - with the goal of providing full life cycle traceability and coverage information.

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Press Release : Telerik TeamPulse Update Delivers Advanced HTML5 UI Capabilities
on 2013/8/20 21:56:03 (741 reads)
Press Release

Telerik has unveiled a significant update to TeamPulse, the company’s agile project management offering. With the release, Telerik becomes the first to introduce an advanced HTML5 interface, combined with powerful multi-project management functionality, giving customers unprecedented insight and analysis into software projects across the organization -- making the management of concurrent software projects faster and easier.

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Press Release : CollabNet Joins with Opscode for Automated Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps
on 2013/8/7 8:50:09 (894 reads)
Press Release

CollabNet has announced new collaboration based on a growing number of successful joint-customer engagements. New initiatives include CollabNet implementation services that support an integrated TeamForge ALM and Chef IT automation offering for Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and TeamForge Recipes and Cookbooks for Chef. CollabNet and Opscode also will continue its work to further integrate TeamForge and Chef, enabling developers and IT managers to streamline the provisioning of infrastructure and application resources within an open application lifecycle management (ALM) framework.

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Press Release : VersionOne Extends Agile Collaboration to Include All Software Stakeholders
on 2013/8/7 8:25:29 (758 reads)
Press Release

VersionOne has announced the addition of PlanningRooms, Conversations+ ("Conversations Plus") and SAFe™ Metrics in its upcoming Summer 2013 Release. These features improve management visibility, planning and communications for program-level planners and teams collaborating with external stakeholders.

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Press Release : Tasktop Drives Agile Methods and PPM Closer Together with Tasktop Sync 2.8
on 2013/8/7 7:12:13 (832 reads)
Press Release

Tasktop Technologies has announced a new version of Tasktop Sync that automates how time-tracking data, recorded in the practitioner’s development tools, is synchronized with the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) products used by the Program Management Office PMO. This new capability helps bridge the divide between the Agilist’s desire for “people over process” and the PMO’s need to understand the ROI of the software development investments. Sync 2.8 ensures that time and resource information is automatically updated in the PPM system.

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Press Release : ThoughtWorks Announces Mingle's Cycle Time Analytics
on 2013/8/6 9:08:24 (826 reads)
Press Release

ThoughtWorks Studios has announced at Agile2013 the availability of Cycle Time Analytics via its Mingle Agile project management tool. Mingle's Cycle Time Analytics helps customers improve and deliver value faster by automatically calculating a team's cycle time. In addition, by highlighting important outliers and trends, and revealing bottlenecks in a team's delivery process, Mingle helps teams decide with confidence what should be improved and quantitatively verify that their improvement efforts paid off.

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Press Release : New Release of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
on 2013/8/6 8:34:45 (776 reads)
Press Release

Dean Leffingwell, Leffingwell, LLC., and Scaled Agile, Inc., today announced the next major release of Scaled Agile Framework ("SAFe" ) V2.5, an on-line knowledge base of proven practices for scaling Lean|Agile development within the larger software enterprise. SAFe is offered as on-line content or via public and private training courses through the Scaled Agile Academy and their training partners.

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Press Release : QASymphony releases JIRA Connector for qTest test management solution
on 2013/8/6 8:15:34 (527 reads)
Press Release

QASymphony has announced the release of a comprehensive connector for JIRA Download Version 5 and higher to qTest, their  enterprise test management solution. qTest provides a collaborative work environment for teams to manage requirements, design test cases, plan test execution, track defects, and generate status and quality-metrics reports. The qTest connector for JIRA combines the test management features of qTest with JIRA to create a complete QA management solution.

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Press Release : Electric Cloud Extends ElectricDeploy Integration for PTC Integrity
on 2013/7/26 6:51:18 (893 reads)
Press Release

Electric Cloud has announced a number of enhanced capabilities to the existing integration between ElectricDeploy and PTC Integrity. A member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program, Electric Cloud has worked closely with PTC over the last year to add new functionalities to the integrated software solution.

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Press Release : Hansoft releases a ready-made integration with Git
on 2013/7/16 6:41:29 (719 reads)
Press Release

Hansoft has released a ready-made integration with Git. The Hansoft-Git integration works out of the box with minimal effort for IT professionals setting it up. The integration allows you to link Git commits with items in Hansoft with a click. The integration is bi-directional, and allows the user to tag Git commits on submission, or after the commit has been made.

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