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News : Mature Scrum article in Fall 2009 issue of Methods & Tools
on 2009/9/23 4:43:08 (2025 reads)

Methods & Tools has just published in its Fall 2009 issue "Mature Scrum at Systematic".  Co-written by Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen and Jeff Sutherland, this article explains how the experiences from combining Lean, CMMI and Scrum have led Systematic to identify examples of explicit guidance from CMMI that help to execute Scrum activities even better.

You can download Methods & Tools Fall 2009 issue at http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?fall09

Quotes : Finding a Good Agile Coach
on 2009/9/17 4:51:20 (2273 reads)

“Agile is all about teams working together to produce great software. As an Agile coach, you can help your team go from first steps to running with Agile to unleashing their full Agile potential.”

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News : Scrum Planet
on 2009/9/14 6:12:24 (1345 reads)

Scrum Planet is a web site that aggregates for RSS feeds focused on Scrum and agile project management. If you know about a good blog feed that is missing from the current roster, I would be please to add it. Thanks for your cooperation.

News : TV Agile: a New Agile Videos and Tutorials Directory
on 2009/9/1 9:00:00 (1535 reads)

TV Agile is a directory of agile software development videos and tutorials, categorizing material on all agile aspects: scrum, TDD, lean, XP, etc.  External contributions are encouraged.


Book : Agile Coaching - Rachel Davies
on 2009/8/23 23:41:09 (1757 reads)

There was a time when software developers worked with consultants that will do things for their company or teach some technical knowledge. Agile approaches have brought forward another type of people: coaches. According to Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley, a coach doesn’t tell you what to do, rather she shows you how she thinks you might do things and hope that it will help you to improve your situation. She leads by example. It is not easy to write a book on this type of topic. The authors recognize this situation and manage to achieve a good balance between general advice and practical usage reports.

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Book : Balancing Agility and Discipline
on 2009/7/27 11:49:14 (2167 reads)

This book was written in 2004 by Barry Boehm and Richard Turner, but the fact that it is already on its 6th reprint tells something about its value.

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Articles : A (Mostly) Agile Java Day at Jazoon
on 2009/6/26 1:09:17 (1721 reads)

Methods & Tools is the sponsor of a large number of software development conferences, but I cannot find the time and budget to visit them. This year I managed to find some time after the publication of my summer issue to visit Wednesday the Jazoon, an important Java event located in Zurich. Besides the global morning keynote, the conference has five parallel tracks, so the first thing in the morning is to make your choice between 30 presentations. This is easier for me, because I am not a Java specialist and so I focused on talks with content that could reach outside the Java community.

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News : Agile Content in Methods & Tools Summer 2009
on 2009/6/22 0:41:58 (1223 reads)

Methods & Tools is a free e-newsletter for software developers, testers and project managers. Summer 2009 issue's content:
* Responsibility Driven Design with Mock Objects
* Agile Coding and Testing
* How to Quantify Quality: Finding Scales of Measure
* Scrum Product Owner Guide
* TDD, FDD and BDD Compared
* Open-Source Messaging Servers

60 pages of software development knowledge that you can download from

Book : Implementing Automated Testing
on 2009/5/24 23:57:45 (1362 reads)

This book presents an comprehensive treatement of the domain of software testing automation.

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Articles : What Does a Good Pilot Look Like?
on 2009/5/19 23:57:59 (6637 reads)

This article is based on Chapter 6 of Becoming Agile by Gregory S. Smith. It discusses the feature of a good pilot project when you transition to Agile.

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