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Jobs : Product Owner, Software Development, Rosetta Stone , Boulder, CO
on 2010/11/1 9:20:18 (1954 reads)

* Define product features and requirements for Rosetta Stone's internal, reusable software components.
* Prioritize development of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Product Backlog.
* Collaborate with a broad group of stakeholders to develop and maintain short-range and long-range product development plans.
* Collaborate with the software development team to clarify requirements and iteratively develop software products.
* Collaborate with the Product Owners of other development teams to define and implement scalable solutions.
* Collaborate with the Product Owners of other development teams to gather and analyze customer data (from software developers) to inform product definition and prioritization efforts

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Quotes : Agile Coach Failure Modes
on 2010/11/1 5:10:00 (2769 reads)

I have just finished reading the book “Coaching Agile Teams” by Lyssa Adkins. This book is full of excellent content but I just want to share some of her honest thoughts on coach failures with you.

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Articles : Continuous Integration: An Agile Necessity
on 2010/10/25 3:01:59 (6180 reads)

Agile development is the future of modern software engineering.  Companies that have implemented it successfully have seen great improvements in their software—both in cost, stability, and in the utility of the software itself.  However, some companies have struggled, finding it difficult to adapt their processes and culture to work in an Agile environment.  One of the areas that best highlights the cultural shifts required to become an Agile organization is Continuous Integration (CI).

Author: Micah Hainline, Asynchrony Solutions, http://www.asolutions.com/

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News : Distributed Agile, Core Protocols, Agilefant and Junit in Methods & Tools
on 2010/9/21 4:09:10 (1828 reads)

Methods & Tools - the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers -  has just published its Fall 2010 issue with the following articles:
* Distributed Agile - Managing Global Agile Projects
* Decomposition of Projects: How to Design Small Incremental Steps
* Source Code Analysis in Agile Projects
* The Core Protocols, an Experience Report, Part 2 - Tools for High Performance Teams
* Tool: tinyPM - Agile project management, Junit - Java unit testing,
  Bromine - Web testing, Agilefant - Agile project management, SoapUI - Web testing

70 pages of software development knowledge that you can download from http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?fall10

Book : Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohn
on 2010/9/7 0:48:28 (3238 reads)

Now that Agile has established itself as the dominant new trend in software development, the number of books that deal with this topic is increasing every day. Besides the fact that Mike Cohn is a recognized expert in the area of agile project management, why should you buy his book rather any other book published on the same topic? After reading it, I will say that not only you should buy it, but rather you HAD to buy it.

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Quotes : The Benefit of Self-Organizing Scrum Teams
on 2010/8/20 5:10:00 (2788 reads)

However, the benefit of allowing a team to self-organize isn't that  the team finds some optimal organization for their work that a manager may have missed. Rather, it is that by allowing the team to self-organize, they are encouraged to fully own the problem.


Source: Succeeding with Agile, Mike Cohn, Addison-Wesley

News : Daily Scrum Meeting in the Real Life
on 2010/7/13 6:20:39 (3143 reads)

Some pigs and chicken having their daily Scrum meeting, dealing with a project that seems to need an important refactoring effort to produce clean code. This could explain why the pigs look really tired.


Daily Scrum Meeting 

Book : Lean Agile Software Development
on 2010/6/24 0:50:43 (3067 reads)

The goal of this book is to propose a vision of Agile software development that goes behind the current practices, more specifically Scrum, to integrate the principles of Lean development. To achieve this objective, the authors draw on their own experience in Agile consulting.

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Articles : Jazoon Reports: Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment by Ken Schwaber
on 2010/6/7 3:24:37 (6370 reads)

At the recent Jazoon conference in Zurich, Ken Schwaber talked about the lack of technical practices in Scrum projects that lead to technical debt. However, the end of the talk made me thinks that this topic could have been chosen only to promote its Scrum.org certification courses.

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Quotes : Agile Software Development Adoption Obstacles
on 2010/5/31 10:33:34 (1891 reads)

"Perhaps you’ve read a book, on Extreme Programming and have decided that is the right approach for your company. Or maybe you attended a Certified ScrumMaster training course and think Scrum sounds good. Or maybe you read a book on a different agile process, and it sounds perfect for your organization. In all likelihood, you’re wrong."


Reference: “Succeeding With Agile”, Mike Cohn, Addison-Wesley, 463 pages, IBSN 978-0-321-57936-3

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