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Press Release :  Introducing the Next Iteration of Agile Work Management from AtTask
on 2013/6/26 5:14:54 (1321 reads)
Press Release

Agile methodologies have found their stride in enterprise departments of all kinds —from development, to marketing, and IT. Yet, those teams often struggle with using many other point solutions to communicate, and manage other types of work. This results in lost productivity, poor visibility, and disconnected collaboration. This new release of the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud enables Agile teams to manage and collaborate on all types of work, not just Agile, in a single solution that improves productivity, visibility, and collaboration at every stage in the work lifecycle.

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Press Release : JetBrains Releases TeamCity 8
on 2013/6/21 8:50:41 (1559 reads)
Press Release

JetBrains, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software development tools, today announced the general availability of TeamCity 8, the new major version of the most intelligent Continuous Integration server. This major update is focused on providing development teams better insight into their CI process, thanks to an enhanced projects structure and many other features designed to simplify TeamCity server maintenance.

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Press Release : A Comprehensive Online Glossary for Agile and Scrum Terms
on 2013/6/20 6:43:35 (1432 reads)
Press Release

Kenneth S. Rubin, Managing Principal of Innolution, LLC, agile trainer, coach, and bestselling author, announces an online glossary for agile and Scrum terms. This comprehensive online resource provides definitions of over 230 agile and Scrum terms, all alphabetized and cross referenced in one convenient location at http://www.innolution.com/resources/glossary.

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Press Release : Visual Paradigm Releases Agilian 10.2
on 2013/6/19 21:51:30 (1504 reads)
Press Release

Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Agilian 10.2. Agilian is the most intuitive and simplest agile modeling toolset in the market that provides a full spectrum of modern and everlasting notations and tools for Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) or Agile MDA.

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Press Release : OpsHub Enables Lean Agile Enterprise with Newly Added Support for Digite’s SwiftKanban
on 2013/6/19 8:22:27 (1371 reads)
Press Release

OpsHub, Inc., the leader in providing ALM integration and migration solutions, announces added support for Digite’s SwiftKanban improving collaboration, visibility and flexibility between an organizations IT Dev, IT Ops, Business and Project teams worldwide, helping drive lean agile enterprise development.

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Press Release : CollabNet Releases New TeamForge 7 and TeamForge Orchestrate
on 2013/6/19 8:16:11 (1166 reads)
Press Release

CollabNet has announced TeamForge 7 and TeamForge Orchestrate -- major new capabilities for its open ALM platform. TeamForge Orchestrate is a new add-on product that helps software organizations connect disparate tools and activities, and produce cross-functional associations and visual traceability throughout the application lifecycle. TeamForge 7 includes Adaptive Planning Boards for hybrid Agile-based project management and Lifecycle Dashboards for centralized visibility across projects and tools. Together, TeamForge 7 and TeamForge Orchestrate provide IT organizations with an open and extendable ALM platform for enterprise Agile and DevOps that greatly reduces cycle times -- while providing the freedom and control to use a range of open source and commercial tools in unison.

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Press Release : Perforce Introduces Swarm Code Collaboration Platform
on 2013/6/13 9:31:15 (1268 reads)
Press Release

Perforce Software has announced Perforce Swarm, a powerful code collaboration and peer review platform that enables development teams to work together better and faster, improving both the quality of their software and the speed of their delivery. Using Swarm, distributed development teams can improve their Agile practices, share creative ideas about their projects and get early feedback from continuous integration and deployment of their code.

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Press Release : Rally Software Introduces New Capabilities for Scaling Agile
on 2013/6/6 5:08:40 (1487 reads)
Press Release

Rally has introduced new Rally Portfolio Manager capabilities that enable enterprises to scale Agile practices across the entire organization and help deliver more value to the market faster. The enhancements support any methodology used for scaling Agile practices, including the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), a proven, publicly available process for applying Lean and Agile practices at scale developed by Dean Leffingwell and Scaled Agile Inc.

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Press Release : Atlassian Unveils JIRA 6: Newly Designed for Speed and Productivity
on 2013/5/22 0:18:29 (2079 reads)
Press Release

Atlassian, a provider of enterprise collaboration software for product development teams, has unveiled the latest version of JIRA, its project and issue management software used by more than 19,000 companies worldwide. Wrapped in a brand new, modern user interface, JIRA 6 features faster navigation and editing, simplified workflow creation and powerful mobile functionality so teams building software can get more done with less effort.

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Press Release : CollabNet and UC4 Announce Joint Enterprise DevOps Platform
on 2013/5/13 21:19:12 (1633 reads)
Press Release

CollabNet and UC4 Software have announced the availability of CollabNet Deploy with UC4. CollabNet Deploy with UC4 is integrated within the TeamForge project workspace for centralized access to the extended toolset, and is offered as a priced option. Elements pertaining to automating release and deployment are available for TeamForge associations, providing end-to-end traceability.

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