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Event : First Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference, October 17-18, Munich, Germany
on 2011/9/14 2:25:02 (1713 reads)

The First Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference will bring together leaders in the fields of Kanban, Lean Product Development, business strategy, organization, operations, services and management of risk to explore how these innovative ideas and approaches can be applied to knowledge worker industries such as software development. The Conference will be held in Munich, Germany 17-18 October.

This conference is a meeting of leaders, consultants, managers, coaches and technologists working in fields including Kanban, Agile Software Development, Operations Management and Improvement and Project Management.

"We're excited to kick off in the first Central Europe conference in Munich," said conference Co-Chair David J. Anderson, who is considered the father of software Kanban and is Vice President of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium. "There are so many advances in the field that it's important to create accessible events within Europe that bring together leaders and practitioners from across the continent and from overseas to share ideas and experience. We created this conference in response to a growing demand from organizations who have been adopting Lean & Kanban within their knowledge work businesses in recent years."

Companies using these Kanban techniques are achieving impressive benefits, including saving time and money in their operations, development and even human resources and marketing departments. German company Xing, a global business network, started using Kanban to visualize and manage their workflow. According to Director of Quality Assurance Andreas Wachowski, the company has seen significant increases in both productivity and quality. Xing is currently Europe's premier social networking site for business professionals who want to promote their careers.

The Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference will cover topics relevant to Kanban, including:
* A real life case study of an Internet Video startup who used Agile and Kanban methods to deliver a set of ideas originated on the back of an envelope to a fully live .com in less than 6 months.
* Beyond Kanban: a Lean Systems Aproach
* Using Kanban to affect and embrace change from R&D to production

This year's keynote speakers will be David J. Anderson, Father of Kanban for Software Development: Monday at 13:45; Kent Beck, Creator of Extreme Programming: Monday at 17:30; John Seddon, Expert for Lean Service Organisations: Tuesday at 09:15 and Stephen Bungay, Specialist for Strategy, Organisation and Leadership: Tuesday 16:15.

The conference will also feature Kanban Experience Reports. Sharing experiences and listening to others is a great way for attendees to learn collaboratively. That´s why Lean Kanban Central Europe is emphasizing real user experience reports. The conference features an entire track of Kanban experience reports with 11 presentations from 7 different countries, including:
* Development Process @ Prezi
* End-to-end Kanban - A practical report
* Kanban and the Importance of Equanimity - Navigating politics and data aversion at the BBC
* Software Kanban: chances and challenges with a large scale lean/agile process at SAP
* Scaling Kanban - Deliver big projects with 10+ teams and still sleep well
* Growing Pains and Remedies. Using Kanban to affect and embrace change from R&D to production
* Igniting change in 20 teams within 6 months. An experience Report from Sandvik IT Services
* Ericsson Finland Agile and Lean Transformation, Experiences and Learnings
* A Fool with a Tool is still a Fool - Introducing Kanban, but do it right!
* How Agile and Lean changed my Organization

Visit http://www.lean-kanban-conference.de/

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