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Articles : Scrum Master & Team Training at Ericsson
on 2009/12/7 1:51:19 (8975 reads)

Inspect & Adapt... not only with the stories

Ericsson team inspection and adaption... a way of living The core of empirical approaches to "Problem Solving" lays in the capability to Inspect & Adapt, learning by doing... Scrum is not different. When people start to understand that abandoning the world of the "defined" and jumping on the train of "trying it & improve it" is not only as much safe, but also much more exciting, it becomes a way of living... and it is not Anarchy!




Inspecting and Adapting is a conscious action, something that requires agreement, and "just-in-time" planning and verifying, so basically the motto becomes: "We do it this way... until we find a better one!"

When the infrastructure is not there, and you need to deliver, you do the best you can... always


Delivering value is what it matters, and doing it often is what gives you satisfaction

Ericsson LEGO city Delivering something valuable often is much more important than delivering something perfect one day This is Lean thinking, focus on delivering something valuable, usable, learn from it, and make it better This is what makes a Team happy, and people working in it satisfied and proud... or not?



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