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Articles : Scrum Master & Team Training at Ericsson
on 2009/12/7 1:51:19 (8971 reads)


Team Collaboration is not only a reactive solution

Ericsson team effectively collaborating, after a proactive plan Many times the Team Collaboration is seen as a Reactive Solution to emergency or delays during a Sprint. Indeed if the Team is on-late with the Sprint commitment, everyone tries to help out and solve as fast as possible the problems, but there is more than that!




The value of a cross-functional team and people with different skills, strongly lays in the capability of sharing knowledge and expertise and this is of great value to the Team and to the Product. This should not only happen during the emergency time, under pressure, but should possibly become the way for the team to work together, and adopt a consistent approach to "Product Development"... something like:
* Analyzing a Story all together, understanding all the aspects of it, may be already having a look in the code and check which part of it need to be changed, adapted, improved.
 * Planning in detail, sometime writing comments in the code all-together, or writing detailed tasks on what needs to be done in order to make the Story Potentially Shippable at the end of the Sprint.
 * Doing everyone sleeves-up hands on the keyboard, and Los!
* Verifying all together review the plan made, what can be improved, what we forgot...

Scrum define specific moments to do all these actions, at least once per sprint, but why don't take it as a best practice and a "common sense", imagine to approach every story in this way, work together as a team, focused, and deliver... that's Collaboration! And look at the Team well organized, following the just-in-time plan, and ready to verify the outcome on the run, great

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