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Articles : How Much Time Will This Add to the Current Process?
on 2008/10/15 4:30:00 (5456 reads)

A tale of two features

One of the larger companies I was consulting with was starting to implement the idea of unit testing into their process. Before they went all in they went on a pilot project. The pilot project consisted of a group of developer tasked with adding a new feature to an existing large application. The company’s main livelihood was in creating this large application and then customizing parts of it for various clients. It was a billing style application and the company had thousands of developers around the world.


The following measures were taken to test the success of the pilot: 
* Test the time it took to go through each of the development stages for the team
*  Test the overall time it took for the project to be released to the client
* Test the amount of bugs found by the client after release

The pilot was measured against a similar feature made by a different team for the same client, with almost the exact same feature size (these were both customization efforts of the product for two different clients – one was with unit tests, the other was without).

Table 1 shows the differences in time:


Table 1: Team Progress and output measured with and without tests


Table 1: Team Progress and output measured with and without tests

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