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Press Release : Atlassian Offers Platform to Build Add-ons for Cloud-based JIRA and Confluence
on 2014/3/5 8:56:09 (1674 reads)
Press Release

Atlassian has announced Atlassian Connect - an extensible new framework for developers to build add-ons that deeply integrate with Atlassian JIRA OnDemand and Atlassian Confluence OnDemand, the company's cloud-based issue tracking and collaboration offerings. Developers can offer these add-ons to Atlassian's 33,000 customers via the Atlassian Marketplace, a proven ecosystem of more than 1,500 commercial and free add-ons. Since the Atlassian Marketplace launched in 2012, third party add-on developers who have sold products via the platform have earned more than $20 million.

"Customer demand for customized add-ons to our cloud-based JIRA and Confluence offerings has been incredible," said Nick Wade, director of Atlassian Marketplace. "With our next generation development framework – Atlassian Connect – third-party developers can now easily create secure and scalable add-ons for millions of Atlassian cloud-based customers and sell their products via our marketplace. We’re thrilled to help fellow developers build their own businesses."

The new Atlassian Connect framework, built on common web standards like REST APIs and JWT authentication, offers additional modules for developers to integrate add-ons directly into Atlassian applications using the technology stack of their choice. Third-party partners like Zendesk, Lucidchart, Gliffy, Zephyr, and Comalatech are among the early adopters of Atlassian Connect. Today 15 publicly available add-ons for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence OnDemand are already in use by more than 600 companies.

"The streamlined discovery and procurement experience offered by marketplaces accelerates the consumption of applications - making it a win/win for both customer and developer, as the mobile market has more than adequately demonstrated," said Stephen O'Grady, principal analyst with RedMonk. "Atlassian has invested heavily in this area, and with Atlassian Connect is attempting to dramatically expand the reach of its marketplace to the cloud."

"We see Atlassian Connect as an opportunity to re-architect our successful diagramming and mockup tool for JIRA," said Chris Kohlhardt, CEO of Gliffy. "Based on Atlassian Connect, the next version of Gliffy for JIRA OnDemand will maintain the same intuitive interface and we'll be able to deploy product improvements instantly."
Rich platform for developers

Atlassian Connect provides rich user interface integration and continuous two-way communication to create smoother end-to-end experiences for customers. Specifically, Atlassian Connect offers:
* Simple descriptors: Any web application – written in any language – can become an Atlassian Connect add-on by providing a simple JSON file to describe itself to Atlassian applications. Atlassian has already built client libraries for node.js and the Play framework to make getting started even easier.
* User interface modules: Atlassian Connect provides almost two dozen different UI integration points, such as issue panels, page macros, and fullscreen pages for add-ons to insert content directly into the Atlassian application.
* Two-way communication: Atlassian Connect add-ons can pull data and push data back using JIRA or Confluence's REST APIs, listen for events with webhooks, and recognize different users via JWT authentication.

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