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Press Release : ZeroTurnaround Unveils LiveRebel 2.6
on 2013/3/13 5:17:14 (1822 reads)
Press Release

ZeroTurnaround, the company that’s improving the way the world develops, tests and runs software, announced today the availability of LiveRebel 2.6, its software release automation tool that helps operations and QA teams get software to users quickly, easily and safely.

Today’s software is complex and is deployed across a combination of physical, cloud or virtual environments. As users demand more from software, software teams need to release updates faster and more frequently. Failure to keep up with this pace means they risk driving users to competitors or other alternatives. At the same time, any resulting downtime or deployment errors means disrupting users and lost revenue.  LiveRebel 2.6 recognizes this challenge, and helps QA and operations teams automate software releases quickly and safely.  Using LiveRebel 2.6, teams can rollout code, database and configuration changes in sync, onto multiple environments with no downtime or overhead. The result: users get access to the latest version without experiencing any interruptions.

“QA and operations teams have traditionally struggled to keep up with the pace set by development teams,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround. “In LiveRebel 2.6 we have created a solution that tackles process-bottlenecks through automation that allows simple, one click application releases – and it is language agnostic. Thus, we introduced a ‘real’ release automation tool for ‘real’ software, addressing the need for composite updates that are deployed into multiple environments.”

The new edition of this award-winning tool supports Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and PERL allowing software teams to deploy applications that use a conglomerate of technologies and databases into any environment, whether cloud or datacenter, or even a blend of each. Deployments can be fully rolled back at any time, or automatically in the event of a failure, before users are impacted.

Software teams have complete control through the LiveRebel 2.6 intuitive user console, allowing them to manage all applications, servers and environments. When deploying applications, the dashboard details which versions runs where, its health, and tracks everything about who did what, when and where. LiveRebel 2.6 plugs into continuous integration tools allowing teams to deliver updates right from developer to user, with all the appropriate checks and balances.

Specific Enhancements in LiveRebel 2.6:
* Extended Platform Support, now supporting applications built using Java, PHP, Python, PERL and Ruby
* Database updates and version control, giving operations teams the ability to update or rollback database changes along with associated applications
* Multiplatform updates, enabling teams to release applications built using multiple platforms and databases, across many, unlike environments with a single click
* Property management that allows deploying a single release onto several, unlike environments by applying specific configurations for each one behind the scenes
* Performance monitoring that monitors the health of the application and the server it runs on in real-time

Available today for free, LiveRebel 2.6 allows software teams access to automation and simplicity that ensures quick and efficient application releases, translating into happy users and enterprise productivity and profitability.

About ZeroTurnaround

Founded in 2009, ZeroTurnaround has two development centers in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia, a global sales center in Boston, Massachusetts, and a branch office in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has over 80 employees. For more information, visit zeroturnaround.com 

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