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Press Release : Santeon Releases "Dr.Agile": Agile Practice Self-Assessment Tool
on 2012/10/29 3:54:43 (2025 reads)

Santeon Group announced it has released the Team, Professional and Enterprise versions of Dr.Agile, a cloud-based Agile Practice Self-Assessment tool. With the rapid adoption of Agile as a transformational path to managing value-based software projects, increasing demand has given rise to a new breed of software products that enable organizations to manage the Agile software development lifecycle. At the forefront of these tools is the need for groups at the team, department, division and enterprise levels to measure their readiness of adopting an Agile-based approach.

Santeon's Dr.Agile cloud-based self-assessment software uses a comprehensive and sophisticated proprietary algorithm calculation derived from extensive research, tested in large enterprises comprising thousands of users and based on over 65,000 data points. Our self-assessment approach considers existing or planned agile practices an organization is using and, based on survey results from various members in the organization, assigns weighted values to organizational characteristics that enable the successful adoption of agile practices. Dr.Agile is unique in the industry with sophisticated logarithmic levels of analysis and in-depth reporting. Dr.Agile releases a different survey for each role in the organization and it assesses not just whether a team is employing an agile practice or not, but also testing for the existence of the underlying enablers and value realized from proper agile implementation.

Santeon is proud once again to lead the market with revolutionary and comprehensive products that set organizations on a successful and measureable path to an Agile mindset. To learn more about Dr.Agile, please visit www.dragile.com.

"We are very proud of the depth and sophistication of Dr.Agile as a state-of-the-art self-assessment tool. Dr.Agile is an essential self-assessment tool for every team and organization doing agile or aspiring to do Agile because it highlights the risks that may hinder the real adoption of Agile practices and will inform an organization of what needs to be improved to take your "agility" to the next level," commented Dr. Ahmed Sidky, Executive Vice President and Agile Practice Leader, on the launch of Dr.Agile. Dr. Sidky continued, "As teams start their journey toward becoming Agile, it is common to see them doing the practices without realizing real change in behavior and mindset. Dr.Agile was designed to help with precisely that: measuring the potential of becoming truly Agile."

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Santeon Group, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Northern Virginia with offices in Reston, VA, Tampa, FL, Cairo, Egypt and Pune, India. Santeon offers products and services in Agile training and transformation, healthcare and media. Santeon's goal is to serve emerging markets by providing technically superior products and solutions while reducing the cost of ownership and deployment of these solutions through a strong channel partner and distribution model. For more information please visit our web site at http://www.santeon.com. 

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