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Press Release : Electric Cloud Offers MKS Deploy Migration to ElectricDeploy
on 2012/10/10 23:21:55 (2230 reads)
Press Release

Electric Cloud, a leading DevOps optimization company announced today that it has joined the PTC PartnerAdvantage(TM) Program and will offer customers its application deployment solution, ElectricDeploy, integrated with PTC Integrity®. PTC recently notified customers of the decision to end-of-life its MKS Deploy solution and is partnering with Electric Cloud to provide customers a migration path to the innovative technology offered in ElectricDeploy.

The integration between PTC Integrity and Electric Cloud's ElectricDeploy platforms provides customers an enterprise-grade, end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps solution for developing, building, testing, and deploying applications. With Electric Cloud's out-of-the-box integrations with hundreds of essential software development, middleware, and infrastructure tools, customers can now develop and deliver applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments with a single solution.

"We are thrilled to be working with PTC to transition their deploy customers to Electric Cloud," said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag. "The strength of the PTC solutions for ALM combined with Electric Cloud's DevOps solutions are a natural fit. With a consistent process to transition software from Dev to Ops, the value of Agile development will be fully realized."

ElectricDeploy automates and standardizes application deployments across all environments -- Dev, QA, pre-production, and production -- by modeling applications, related environments, and processes. Built on Electric Cloud's award-winning ElectricCommander platform, ElectricDeploy reduces the occurrences and impacts of deployment failures in production environments through features that make ElectricDeploy the industry's first fail-safe solution. Fail-safe features address three separate areas:

Code-Safe offers run-time debugging capabilities to interactively refine deployment processes.

Run-Safe lets teams define success and failure thresholds for application deployments so that deployments can account for real world environments and deployment situations.

Recover-Safe enables teams to define recovery policies and processes for dynamic management of deployment failures.

In conjunction with PTC's end-of-life program to retire its MKS Deploy product, Electric Cloud has announced a special time limited offer for PTC customers with active MKS Deploy maintenance contracts to migrate to ElectricDeploy. To take advantage of the offer, customers must contact ptc@electric-cloud.com before December 1, 2012.

About Electric Cloud


Electric Cloud delivers solutions that automate and accelerate the application development and delivery process. The company's award-winning products help development organizations to speed time-to-market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality while leveraging the operational efficiencies provided by virtualized/cloud infrastructures. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, ISVs, mobile devices, semiconductors and transactional websites rely on Electric Cloud's automation solutions. For more information, visit http://www.electric-cloud.com.

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