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Press Release : Build High-Performance Agile Teams with ScrumKnowsy
on 2012/8/16 5:46:04 (1732 reads)
Press Release

Mountain View, CA – August 13, 2012. The Innovation Games® Company, the leading provider of serious games for business, today announced that it has released ScrumKnowsy®, the latest game built on the Knowsy® platfom.
ScrumKnowsy, produced in partnership with ScrumTide, is a browser-based serious game that allows an individuals and organization improve their Scrum practice. Players can “challenge” Scrum Oracles like Scrum Creator Jeff Sutherland, or leading Scrum trainers like Jim “Cope” Coplien or Jens Ostergaard to discover how their Scrum practice compares, or play multiplayer games to track alignment on Scrum practices, roles and responsibilities.

“The key to successful, high performing teams rests in alignment. Not just alignment of goals, but alignment of roles, responsibilities, methods of work and communication,” Said CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann. “While there’s been a lot of discussion about of the importance of alignment and team integrity, a way to effectively test (and improve) team alignment hasn’t emerged. Until now.”

“ScrumKnowsy gives teams a fun and effective way to explore how well they are aligned in their mission.” Hohmann continued. “By formally testing, sharing and discussing the results of Scrum Knowsy® games, teams will explicitly reduce the degree of ambiguity and equivocality of the shared outcomes they seek to create.”

Key features of ScrumKnowsy are:
* It’s a game, not another boring meeting. Discovering where teams are and aren’t aligned through collaborative play means improved engagement and more accurate feedback.
* Access to experts. Through Challenge and Discover play individuals and teams can compare their Scrum practice with leaders in the Scrum community.
* Individual or Multiplayer games. ScrumKnowsy lets you play on your own or with teams, tackling such topics as retrospectives, sprint planning, backlogs, impediment lists and more.
* Real-time database. Playing ScrumKnowsy allows individuals and teams to track their game results over time, providing real-time information on improvement and performance.
* Individual or Enterprise Licenses. Players always play for free, but Individuals or organizations can upgrade for additional features and capabilities like custom topics, game analytics and more. Individual can sign up for Starter accounts (individual play only) for free, or pay $19 for an annual Standard license, which includes the full range of capabilities, including multiplayer games.

“ScrumKnowsy is designed for ongoing self-assessment,” said ScrumTide partner Jim “Cope” Coplien, “because that’s what Agile is about. The goal is to have fun and create value, and ScrumKnowsy helps agile teams meet that goal.”

Forrester Analyst Tom Grant recently profiled ScrumKnowsy and it’s role in facilitating Agility at Scale, writing, “Clearly, the approach that ScrumKnowsy takes is a lot less obnoxious than the Agile standards star chamber and a lot easier to use for regular reinforcement than training classes.”

The Innovation Games® Company’s portfolio includes the Knowsy® platform of products, along with Innovation Games® Online, which launched in July 2009, and was highlighted in a recent Forrester report as a leader in the serious games industry for helping businesses “do work.” Innovation Games® Online includes both real-time visual collaboration and virtual market games, such as Buy a Feature Online, Prune the Product Tree Online, Speed Boat Online and Design Your Own Visual Game. The online games are based on Luke Hohmann’s book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play.

For more information about ScrumKnowsy®, go to http://playknowsy.com/p/scrumtide.

About The Innovation Games® Company


The Innovation Games® Company is the leading producer of serious games—online and in-person—for business. Innovation Games helps organizations large and small get actionable insights into customer needs and preferences to improve performance, through collaborative play, having worked with such companies as Cisco, Reed Elsevier, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, SAP, Emerson Climate Technologies and more. To learn more about Innovation Games® Online, our online game platform for real-time, distributed collaboration and our Knowsy® games, visit http://innovationgames.com.

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